Underwater Pipeline & Cable Locators

Diver Dan Commercial Diving Services, located in Beaumont, Texas, provides the oil and gas industry with high-precision Underwater Pipeline and Cable Locators. The performance, quality and durability of our equipment ensures your peace of mind when starting a project with Diver Dan Commercial Diving Services. We have the experience and dedication you want in a company handling projects of this magnitude. We understand the importance of preventing damage and how costly it can be. We have many years of experience in the marine industry and know exactly how it’s done and the importance of getting it done right. Diver Dan Commercial Services, Inc can handle any size project in the coastal areas of Texas and Louisiana involving the location of underwater pipeline and cable, so call us for more information at 866-962-2034.

Diver Dan Commercial Diving Services, Inc.

Diver Dan Commercial Diving Services, Inc. also provides custom fabrication of coffer-dams and blanks for vessels and barges inshore and offshore so call us 24/7 at 866-962-2034